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With the rail link that was inaugurated in 1996 connecting the CIS with Iran and vice versa through Sarakhs, Chain was the first company to utilize the rail link and transport cargo by wagons.

 The first wagons to cross the border at Sarakhs destined for the CIS were loaded with the largest shipment of wheat flour ever to be undertaken from Bandar Abbas to Turkmenistan.


“Chain was also the pioneer in transit of cotton from the CIS through Iran to various Far East and Indian subcontinent destinations.”


In consequence of these activities, the company has reached a top ranking in transit and has received awards from the “Ministry Of Road & Transportation”, as well as “Port & Shipping Organization”.


We have transported a large number of cargo to Afghanistan and one of such projects was transportation of 10,000 MT of wheat which was assigned to us during the war with Taliban.


Despite the unrest in Afghanistan during that period the company managed to fulfill all its commitments in a timely manner and the company has received a certificate of service from UNWFP”.