April 2019
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Chain International Transport

We provide a professional and reliable service, which of course is necessary for the safe handling of cargos, be it by truck, rail, vessel or aircraft, including warehousing and customs clearance.

Chain is a liable service provider for customs formalities for export, import and transit, within the shortest possible time.

About Chain Group

With several years of thought leadership and committed management, the Chain Group has developed from a traditional forwarder to a leading global provider of tailor-made, multimodal transport, logistics, warehousing, and supply chain solutions.

Our solid international partnerships and our cooperation with leading global partners, combined with our experience in air and sea freight, an integrated road and rail network and our sophisticated IT system provide a platform to offer outstanding tailor-made transport logistics solutions to meet our customers’ requirements in an effective and efficient way.  All these factors have enabled us to continually service our customer base while expanding our service portfolio and the range of our customer solutions.


Chain represents “Panalpina”, one of the biggest forwarders in the industry. Our services include pre-carriage and on-carriage, for export and import worldwide.


The Chain Group transports large volumes of goods to destinations worldwide, providing in-time, reliable services. Our long-term cooperation with leading shipping lines allows us to flexibly meet our customers’ shipping requirements.


As one of the leading transport companies in Iran, we provide all kinds of trucking services to/from Iran. More than 340 trucks are currently operating under the Chain license. With locations at all borders of Iran, and involving our agents at the main hubs of Europe and Turkey, we can provide fast and reliable international services.


At our port facilities, terminal and warehouse, we offer the entire range of value added logistic services.

Parcel Service

Chapar, our courier company, handles more than 100,000 parcels per month. Chapar’s In & Out warehousing operation is based on a systematic, nationwide 24-hour express delivery.

Dedicated Employees

Chain is today one of the country’s

leading international freight forwarders

Today, the Chain Group has become a network of 95 branch offices in Iran, with more than 500 dedicated employees and 95 agents, all trained and aiming to deliver world class service and performance according to the highest standards.


The Chain Group comprises four companies dedicated to transport and logistics services: international, multimodal transports and projects; shipping agency; express delivery; warehousing and value-added services. Each of these companies are recognised in their field as reliable business partners. Being part of the Group network, and connected to trusted agents, they are uniquely positioned to fully meet their customers’ requirements, nationally and internationally.

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Chain International Transport Ltd

Established in 1995, Chain is today one of the country's leading international freight forwarders, offering cost-effective transport services and logistics solutions including transit, import, export, heavy lifts and projects to/from Iran.
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Pars Logistics Services Ltd

Established in 1995, headquartered in Tehran, PLS was the first private investor at the Shahid Rajaee Port Complex and the first to offer logistics services in Iran. Starting out with logistics services for cargo in transit from CIS countries,
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Tehran Trans Terminal & Shipping Ltd

Established in 2001, TTS specialises in shipping agency services and forwarding.
The company expanded its business at the ports of Bandar Abbas, Bandar Assalouyeh, and Bushehr as the agent for cargo shipping lines as well as cruise lines.

Kala Resanan Chapar Ltd

Established in 2003, headquartered in the vicinty of Tehran, Chapar started its delivery service with 15 employees and 11 trucks throughout Iran.
Currently, the company counts a staff of over 400 at its 102 agency offices, and operates 160 vans and 40 trucks in the domestic transportation sector.
Chapar is recognised as one of the top three courier companies in Iran.

As a Customer-centric organisation, customer satisfaction is our only objective. Our strong client base, committed staff and a reputation built over several years of consistent service are our most important assets. Innovation, market expertise and the development of new products are our key to sustained success.Members of the Board and the Managing Directors of the Chain Group insist on the principles of good corporate governance. Our code of conduct regulates our entrepreneurial behaviour, which is governed by adherence to national and international laws, by a commitment to  environmental sustainability, and by the willingness of everyone to strive for top class performance and dedication.  Another key principle of the Chain Group is that we insist, in all markets, on business practices that are in accordance with international standards.
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Health – Safety – Environment (HSE) 

The management system of the Chain Group is certified to comply with the HSE regulations in effect, at all times and everywhere ensuring the staff’s safety at work, whether at the office or while operating a crane at a port facility. Our Managing Directors designate persons responsible for reviewing high risk activities; any incidents are thoroughly examined to prevent re-occurrence.


Chain was among the first forwarders to transport cargo to Iraq even during the civil war. Today, we have a regular service to and from Iraq. 


Chain has moved a vast number of containers for the United Nations to Afghanistan. We also transported food, beverages, and machinery to Afghanistan. 


Chain is involved in the majority of construction projects currently ongoing in Turkmenistan, transporting more than 1,000 TEUs per year of building equipment, materials, and road construction machinery to various cities.
We also delivered large quantities of cars, buses, cranes, loaders, heavy machinery, and pipes to Turkmenistan as well as sugar for Coca Cola and Pepsi.


Our company shipped the world’s second tallest flag pole to Dushanbe in Tajikistan. Currently, we are transporting a large number of containers with construction materials for the ‘Project for the Rehabilitation of Drinking Water Supply Systems’ in the Panj district. 


We deliver oil refinery equipment and pipes to Kazakhstan.
Moreover, regular shipments to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and Uzbekistan are provided by the Chain Group. 
The main international routes in our portfolio so far

  • Iraq